Annual Exhibition

  1. Introduction to the Annual Exhibition 2019
  2. Notes for Guidance 2019
  3. Rules 2019
  4. Entry Form Download to your PC, fill in using a text editor, then email to Exhibition Secretary
  5. Summary Form
  6. Flyer for Annual Exhibition 2019

Perspectives Exhibition

The Society holds an annual Perspectives Photographic Exhibition for one or two weeks in the Sheffield Winter Garden each November. This is an exhibition of prints that are displayed on the Society’s own free-standing display boards. Up to 40 boards can be available and members have the opportunity at the start of each season in September to sign-up to have a board on a first come-first served basis. Then it is up to each member to prepare and show a selection of prints of their own work. Each member’s panel includes a short narrative on the background of what motivated them to take their chosen pictures.

Also included in the exhibition is a panel of historic images taken around Sheffield. The Exhibition is seen by hundreds of members of the public every year and is a wonderful showcase for the Society.

It has become the custom for the Lord Mayor of Sheffield to open the Exhibition on the first Monday.

  1. Information sheet for entrants
  2. Large board layout
  3. Small board layout